Jane MacLeish Landscapes

Jane MacLeish

“I love people. I love gardens. And I love to tell stories. I think that gardens improve people’s lives and souls, and we all need a little of that.” – Jane MacLeish

Jane MacLeish has been creating outstanding gardens for over thirty-five years. A native Englishwoman, she has an innate understanding of and extensive schooling in garden design and functionality.

Jane is a keen horticulturist with a unique and unrivaled design sense. She is a firm believer in strong lines and structure, while yet embracing whimsical details and delightful touches.

Jane custom-tailors each garden to the client. No garden is too small or inconsequential. To Jane, the beauty of each project lies not in scale, but in imagination and personality. Recent East Coast projects have included a new garden within Dumbarton Oaks, the Lee Mansion in historic Old Town Alexandria, a garden for the Vice President’s Residence at the Naval Observatory, and a large estate in Virginia hunt country.

Jane’s passion for gardens extends into her whole life as she travels, lectures, plans garden tours, and—of course—endlessly creates within her own garden.